James Clear and Other Creators’ Advice on How to Get Out of a Rut

Anj Salonga
3 min readMay 2, 2024


Yes, it’s possible to pick yourself out of it.

This past few weeks I got stuck on a loop of routinary tasks on my work. Then add, the time I discovered why TikTok makes you want to stay in bed the whole day.

But the main reason it started is when I decide to learn a 3d app that I have no confidence to learn and actually pursue. The “art is not profitable” idea is always at the back of my mind.

If you are also on this phase in your life, I took the time to learn how these 4 creators get themselves out of the rut:

1. Dan Koe

2. Justin Welsh

3. James Clear

4. Sahil Bloom

Dan Koe

Dan Koe call this “The Lost Phase” where we feel so much doubts about the future. According to him, it is normal to get into different seasons and that nothing last forever, even the good things in life, your motivation or your possession.

There is wisdom in feeling lost

Any creation demands destruction, but also the other way around. You being in a rut can be a great opportunity to see what’s truly inside of you.

Justin Welsh

If you’re familiar with how Justin Welsh started his online creator journey, you know that I came to him in a very challenging way. He was burnt out of his job that he needed to be hospitalized for panic attacks.

That’s why picking himself up was a conscious decision not only for this future but for his health. So he started taking rest in a day ‘even’ when he’s not tired which can also be seen as ‘prevention’. Giving time for things he wanted to do is also included.

He also set boundaries in his work and get support to avoid pushing himself too hard. Being healthy physical is also part of his activity like exercising in the morning and having 8 hours of sleep. Lastly, he is intentional with the tasks he do in a day and prioritize it.

James Clear

Having a schedule is what James Clear is doing when he is in a rut which also means sticking to it. And if you are having hard time fulfilling this, you can always find an accountability buddy or someone to check on your progress each day.

But he also said that you just have to do what your resources or skills allow you to do, because you can always improve. The tiny choices we make everyday mostly make up and propel us to more results in a year so don’t underestimate what you can do with your time today.

Sahil Bloom

Sahil Bloom has a 3-Step Process in picking yourself up: Stop Digging, Change Direction and Create Movement.

The idea is simple. First, stop dwelling in negativity and fill your thoughts with positivity while taking a rest. Second, seek internal and external aspects of your life that you can control. Lastly, move then build momentum and reclaim your motivation.

Having these creator said it sounds easy, but it is hard, I know. That’s why its important to take time to feel yourself and go through the process without forcing yourself too much or less.

I believe that we will always see the opportunity behind every setbacks, so should always look forward and stop dealing with things in the past and things we can’t control. Believe in ourselves, cause that’s when people will believe in us too.



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