4 Reasons Why Pursuing Art in Your 20s is Still Okay

Anj Salonga
3 min readMar 21, 2024


Yes, it’s not too late, even at 26.

I always think that art is a skill that can be cultivated from your childhood. And maybe you’re like me growing up, who was so focus on studying since I want to provide for my parents and repay them.

But now that I’m earning on my own I kinda have the means to fund my art resources and the time to finally pursue creating.

Evidently, there are lots of artists that emerged in the past few years, and they I see they come in different ages: 14, 18, 25, 30 45 or even older.

I believe age doesn’t matter much when pursuing art because:

Age doesn’t matter

In any profession, most people think that their age will always stop them from taking on the opportunity. This can be true in some cases, especially on employment.

But there a bunch of top 1% individuals that proved ‘age doesn’t matter’ when pursuing your dream like:

  • Colonel Sanders of KFC started KFC at 40 and made it big when he was 60
  • JK Rowling found a huge success in Harry Potter only is her 30s

20s are the exploration years

If you’ve watch a lot of successful entrepreneurs (not the ones sprouting like mushrooms only for 2 years), mostly they mentioned that 20s are the great years of finding yourself.

Experiment, try different things, travel a lot, meet new people. That’s the most precious moments of learning and getting wisdom that can make a person successful in their 30s or 40s.

We have less responsibilities

It’s a privilege for me and maybe for you to in our 20s, of course if you don’t have a child or spouse yet.

Though I’m paying for our family’s rent, the fact the I live with my parents take way some of the chores that I should be doing if I live on my own.

I appreciate those little things that helps me focus on working on my side projects like my art and writing, aside from my full time job.

Anyone can still learn art

One of my biggest fear in pursuing art is not being “good enough”.

And since I’m into character/cartoons, this is connected to “can I still learn the fundamentals and improve my skills in drawing?”

But as I watched a lot of lifestyle Youtube channels (like Ryan Ng Films, Max Reisinger, Teo Crawford) I realized that all of us are working and learning everyday.

No one got good at the start, of course we all suck.

So, I can suck today as I start but if I just continue everyday (even if it’s hard), I’m more than what I used to a year or two years ago.

I don’t want to regret and let the days go not creating something. I want to learn, apply, create, build, share and sustain things that I truly care about.

And it’s not too late to start because you have the a story to share in your 20s, it’s okay to keep exploring and finding yourself, you have time and the privilege to create art, and you can also learn and continue to improve your skill at any point in your life.



Anj Salonga

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