3 Simple Tasks a Jobless For Almost 3 Years Did To Start Over Again In Life

Anj Salonga
2 min readAug 11, 2023


There’s no better help a person can receive than a help from themselves.

This the help I got last year when I was turning 25, when I realize that I need to humble myself, get up back and start again. You see, I had been laid off (because of Covid-19), jobless for 2.5 years, no client after trying freelancing and no more savings.

It was the worst years of my life. I’m ashamed to admit it or tell this this story, but I’m also proud that I helped myself get back up and make my way through those challenges.

Now, I’m working from home for a ticketing company earning almost 2x more than I did in my previous job, for a position that I only have acquired skills 4 months before getting hired.

I just focused on doing these SMALL BUT CRUCIAL TASKS that you can also try:

Set 1 goal that you want to achieve this month

Setting a direction is very helpful especially if you know your anxiety can attack you anytime. It will help you align your words, actions and thoughts to you want to have. 1 goal is enough when you start, less pressure, less multitasking, less overthinking.

Do your MOST IMPORTANT TASK (MIT) that has 80% impact to your desired outcome

Focusing on 1 task or Most Important Task (MIT) only can get you closer to your goal. Break down the task you need to do and pick what will give you the result. For example, your goal is to find a job this August, your MIT is to find a job post and send your resume. That’s it.

Whether you need to update your resume or add credentials or course certificates before that, the important thing is you did your MIT for that day. Because that is the only task that will give you the chance to be seen by Hiring Managers, get into an interview and hopefully get hired.

Set a specific time or timeframe or set desire output EVERYDAY to do your MIT

Every person may have different preference, you can set a specific time (for example, 7:00AM to 8:00AM) to work on your job hunting task, but for some people or if you have urgent things to do, you can set a timer (1 hour) to do your MIT. Also, you can try setting a number of applications you want to send everyday (send 5 applications). The most important thing is you just do it.

Starting over again is such a big thing to again especially for those that hit the rock bottom. But with every step and minimal changes you will see and feel some results that will give you confidence to keep moving forward.



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