2 Years of Being Unemployed

Anj Salonga
2 min readMay 13, 2022


What the hamburger am I doing?

I got laid off, after the pandemic scared every BPO CEO to lose more “offline” clients. (Well, I hope business is fine. Thanks.)

It got me… I can’t even count the months that I just watch videos on Youtube passionately everyday.

Sometimes, financial videos, Korean reality shows, a few motivational videos and a little bit of “how to get hired?”

Why? I don’t know. I always say that I don’t have energy, I’m not interested in applying.

“You don’t have to find work right away” of my parents really added to my laziness.

Sounds cheesy and hypocrite but I think I got really hurt after receiving the retrenchment email same day as my last day at work. (Remembering this really is not really easy)

I should have started blogging like this, if I just have the energy in the last 2 years. I should have made some results. With less pressure to earn right away.

Don’t even ask me how me and my parents survived Covid-1990125 and all.

But it’s all in the past.

I’ve burned that ship already.

Talk to someone or something.

I have never dwell in my emotions like this, really. Just now.

I never really talk with friends in detail as I also know that we have our own battles.

That’s all.

I’m still reluctant until now.

I promise to get check by a Psychologist this year if I even got any income. Like when? lol.

Pick one thing.

Just pick one thing to focus on.

I pick a service-based business for example.

Of course, I need to try, validate, fail.

But first, take action.

That’s what I’m doing now.

Wins. Small wins, celebrate it.

Examples of small wins:

“I got a part-time job”

“I enrolled in a program for building a business”

“I got a community”

“I got connections on LinkedIn”

Get reminded of your progress. So important.

Be grateful.

After all the things we had been through, I’m still here writing this blog. And you reading it. (or it’s just me whose reading it too. Supportive self, huh)

As long as I’m still alive, it’s a blessing. Something to be grateful for.

Take this with you

“Forgive yourself for your past mistakes.”

“Don’t be the first person to say no to yourself.”

So basically I just wrote dramas of my life.

Next time, I’ll write something helpful for you.



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